Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Heres are the 13 things on my brain right now.
  1. Kevin - LOL of course. Sigh...I really like him.
  2. My Family - This is to general for just one number so as I hit them they will get their own numbers. I feel so disconnected for some reason. I dont know if I am purposely doing it to keep from hurting or what.
  3. My Mom - She left my dad and my relationship with her is ...changing. I love her so much, she is one of my best friends. But I found out stuff that had been happening that I felt like I didnt need to ever know. Now I have to figure out this new mother/daughter thing.
  4. My Dad - Hes my stepdad. Yes I love him. Hes been w/ my mother and I since I was 2 but that doesnt change the fact that he is an alcoholic and an asshole. Do I want to have a continued relationship w/ him?
  5. Ronnie - My older younger brother. He knocked up his gf and they are keeping it. Probably gonna get married. Dont like her. HATE that another person is having a freaking baby.
  6. Halloween - I am so bummed out that we arent having our annual awesome party w/ the DJ. SO SO So so sad. Typically every year my mom throws a Halloween party w/ a DJ and everything and its awesome.
  7. Ryland - His trial is quickly approaching. 1/26. OMG! I really worry that he has learned anything during this time locked up.I really dont think I can handle having to go my whole life visiting my baby brother in prison.
  8. Russell - I wish I could just snap my fingers and make our situation normal. I hate the amount of involvement we still have. But I'm working on it. Just a few more weeks hopefully.
  9. WLS - I had to cancel the last seminar and I am waiting for another Sat one to come along so I register again.
  10. I want a baby. Its a phase but I do.
  11. Being on my own and making it work. FYI Do not watch American Horror Story right before bed. OMG!!!!
  12. Javi - I told him I had moved on and he got pissed at me. He only text me like once a week. He never has time to hang out. It took like 4 weeks to get him to come over and meet. Plus he isnt physically what I am interested in anyway thanks.
  13. Grocery shopping. I need to do it. I need cat litter, cat and dog food, milk, cheese, eggs, sugar, and lunch/dinner foods. I'm waiting....
So there ya go. 13 very random but honest thought I have had today. If not everyday.


  1. Gee thanks. I'm nowhere on this list. Lame

  2. lol@Krystal's comment. Sorry about all the drama going on...that's a lot for a person to be dealing with! I actually remember you writing about your mom's halloween parties! And the AWESOME costumes you came up with. Bummer! I think it's great that you want a baby/ will happen! I know it's not easy to hear...especially when you want one and everyone around you IS pregnant...I've been in that position...and it sucks! Hope things turn out ok with your brother's trial. ;( Must be so hard to see him in jail!