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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drugs are GOOD mkay!

I'm not usually the type to take meds for any reason. Doesn't matter if its OTC or Rx. I just don't think its a good idea to pump chemicals into your body unnecessarily. Now there are time when it becomes necessary. And that's a different story. Like my sleeping issues. It was starting to effect my work, social life, etc. If the insomnia was just fewer hours of restful sleep each evening I, honestly, would have been able to handle that. But only sleeping for 1 hr, wake up, 1 hr, wake up, 1 hr....all night. I wasn't getting any rest at all ever. FOR 10 DAYS!!
My bff Krystal is a druggie who loves to pop pills and she does sleeping pills all the time sometimes needs to take sleeping pills so I figured I would go ahead and just ask to have a few, until I could go to the dr. She gave me some muscle relaxers and...


I slept so good last night. It wasn't the best sleep ever but compared to the last few days it was heaven. I took the pill about 30 mins before I wanted to sleep and the next thing I know I'm scratching my face but it feels like its far away. My lips felt...weird. It was awesome. As soon as I laid down I was asleep and I slept till almost 7 before I woke up the first time. I still dozed off a few times at work today but overall it was much better. The first thing I said when I got outta bed this morning was I cant wait till tonight to take another one.

LOL Uh oh I'm addicted.

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