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Monday, October 10, 2011

Change of Plans

So I was supposed to go to the seminar for the WLS on Saturday. But on Friday my mom called the jail in Olla, LA and asked if it would matter if I had a ticket/warrant. And the lady said no. So now I need to re register for the next one. I am a little bummed but I am so glad to have had the visit.
Now I am super bummed. I went to the website and there are no seminars on the weekend showing on the calendar. I'll have to call, last time I spoke w/ the girl she said they dont post all the dates.

We left for Olla at 2am. It was mom, dad, my little brother Ronnie and his gf Erinn. Drove the 5.5 hrs there and got a little lost. Just about 2 blocks from the driveway I got pulled over for SPEEEEEEEEDING. Again. This time really wasnt on purpose. The speed limit changes every few miles. So I missed one. He got me going 61 in a 50. And I was so scared. I wasnt sure how my old ticket would show up. He came back and asked me to step to the back of my car and I burst into tears. I was so scared. I dont wanna go to jail. No he was just having me sign the ticket. Dumb. Omg. That was scary.
Then when I was getting off the shoulder I peeled out accidentally. Ooops. lol

First visit was 8am-10:30am. We ate breakfast w/ him and it was the most awesome visit ever. The next visit started at 1, so we paid $60 for a hotel room so we could nap for 2 hrs. We were so tired from the drive. After our nap we went to the 1-3:30 visit. I just cant explain how nice it was to be able to sit at a cafeteria table and have him right there. To be able to hug him and hold him and squeeze him. And love him. It was like it hasnt been over a year. But I will say for the family that reads this, he looks different. His baby face is going away and he is more buff then Ronnie. After staring at him for a few hours he looked like my sweet Ryry again but not at first. My mom drove back and the rest of us slept off and on. Good trip.

Adam came over last night. He wanted to cuddle. Aww hes so cute. We laid in bed and talked. It was nice.

Lastly on the way to work today my car was riding kinda weird. And I kept saying I'm gonna have a blow out. And I did. I was about 5 mins from work. I was really hoping I would make it. Oh well. Now I have that sexy golden yellow donut on my car. I dont know when I will have an extra $180. My tires are so expensive. Dumb! Ugh.

So that was my fun filled weekend. I am going to be making an appt w/ my Dr to discuss my new found insomnia. I cant take it anymore. If I wasnt actually falling asleep all the time I'd be ok. Stupid.

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  1. Sexy golden yellow donut made me crack up. I remember my sexy golden donut days.