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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Very Special Episode

I had the weirdest "sexual" experience as an adult last night. I don't wanna make anyone pass out from being TMI but this story has to be told so, heres my disclaimer:


A guy I had chatted w/ for a few weeks during the summer, messaged me on okcupid to see how I was doing. We texted and I invited him over. It was kinda weird. Not really feeling any chemistry there, but he was nice to talk to. Over the course of the night he said I should get more comfortable, ie take my bra off. I kept laughing him off. But at one point I did go to the restroom and decided it was time for my bra to go.
Once he realized it was off things kinda moved from there. I do wanna say the way he handle me/touched me was super creepily soft. Like Tom Hanks in Big. Me no likey.
Anyway so I kept waiting for him to kiss me, nope...I was trying to be more aggressive to show him it was ok. Buy he never picked on it or didnt care.
Then he moved to position himself like something was fixin to happen, I kinda waited for it, took a breath, closed my eyes, sucking my stomach, lol...

Few secs pass by...

Uh. Open my eyes, hes over me just kinda grinding on me, while doing his thing...


He ended up dry humping me. What is this? 6th grade....sigh... I was embarrassed for him. Afterwards I even said that is was weird, unexpected. And he was kinda like hey, hey now! If he wasn't prepare for sex, ie condom!!, there were other options.

Super bonus deluxe weirdo

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