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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Here are my Thursday Thirteen.

  1. Krystal. I got us matching pj pants and I cant wait to give them to her. (HA! Now you're on here and b4 Kevin, feel special!!)
  2. Kevin. My sweet man. <3 Even if we are struggling thru this beginning stage I know we got this! :)
  3. Momma. I wanna hang w/ her more. Maybe lunch once a week or something.
  4. Lil Ron. Need to get a hold of him and see how hes doing.
  5. Big Ron. Just need to check in. Its been a few weeks. And he was giving my mom a hard time about hanging w/ me on Saturday and then on Tuesday.
  6. Russell. We have been doing really well on the "just friends" front. He still tries to kiss me or feel me up sometimes but we can talk about Kevin and his little friend Cindy.
  7. My tummy. Its kinda feels funny. And I feel alittle dizzy.
  8. Ryry. Havent talked to him in 3 weeks or so. Need to fix that.
  9. This cold front coming thru. I am so excited bc its supposed to kill the mosquito's!! Yippie!
  10. Adam. Hes back and trying to start messing around again. I told him I really like Kevin so too bad so sad for him.
  11. I love Pandora.
  12. I am ready for the holidays. I want and need to see my family. I need that recharge I get from them. They make me laugh and we just love each other so much. Its a blessing.
  13. WLS. I need a Saturday seminar to come around again soon!!
Thats it for this week edition. What are your Thursday 13?

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