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Thursday, April 4, 2013

2 Days Away

Its been crazy.
Sorry for no actual post the last 2 days. I blog at work and we are switching to a new system. Tuesday was the go live date. Because of that there have been big wigs and special people every where. Ugh.

So, whats been happening in my life? Nothing exciting. I am waiting for this week to end so vacation can start. And that of course is making the week drag on and on. I am still worried that Jon wont get off and after his little joke yesterday its worse. I went up to the shop when I got off and was talking w/ him and Johnny (his shop friend). Jon starting saying he wasn't going to be able to go. I got upset and he kept going w/ it so I thought he was serious and left. Kinda stormed out actually. Went home and was literally almost in tears. Everything Jon was saying was logical and made sense as to why he would NOT be able to take a week off. Well, once he got home he told me he was joking....


Anyway. Now I dont know what to think.
I need to go ahead and wrap this up for today. Dont want it to get busy w/o getting a chance to finish this.
Come on Friday, where are you??

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