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Monday, April 8, 2013

Tennessee Vaca Day 1

We made it to Tennessee safe and sound. Sunday morning after finishing up packing all the items we needed for the morning routines, shutting down and locking up the house we were on the road at 8:38. Only 30ish minutes later then we were hoping. We had a blast driving and enjoyed the ride.
Got to Memphis around 7 and went straight to Jon's dads house. Hung out there for awhile and had dinner. But we were starting to crash and burn, getting very tired. Finally around 11 we were checking in to our room and settling in for the night.
Up now and Jon had some work to do so I am entertaining myself. But we are fixing to get ready and head out. Not sure what I wanna do today. Looking thru the visitors guide trying to decide.

Well I guess thats all. Dont wanna spend forever here on my laptop. I'll leave you with some pics and an awesome video.
The adorable passenger
The cautious driver
Oh look the adorable passenger again
The Lucky Hat
Downtown Memphis
Oops, that was the Tennessee sign

So after almost 8 hours of driving pretty much straight thru Texas and Arkansas Jon got a little loopy. Makes for GREAT entertainment.


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