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Monday, April 29, 2013

Life Changes

Weekends go by too fast.
Saturday I went to another Stockpile Sale. Got some cleaning stuff, snacks and playdoh, lol. All for $20. Such a good deal. Then went home and pretty much did nothing. Jon and I are still not 100% better from this stupid stomach bug. So I laid around dozing off and on, watching movies on Netflix. Around 1pm the sky started getting darker and I heard some thunder. So I let Chance out one more time and then dozed off again. I woke up around 2:30 and saw this:
Yep. Thats water. Not good. It was coming from further up on the ceiling but bc of the vault it ran down to the wall. And it rained and rained. Eventually there was a big water bubble in the ceiling. Jon and I were worried it was gonna bust and water and crap would just go every where. We did move the tv and stand over. The bubble moved down the ceiling about 1/2 to where there was a seam and then it started draining. There was also a leak in the master bath to the side of the skylight. It rained for so long. But nothing else happened.

Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast together, which is starting to be a tradition, of cinnamon rolls and milk. Then we got ready and headed to his moms to visit and have lunch. Came home and did some laundry and relaxed w/ a movie and actually went to bed at a 1/2 way decent time. We've been better about that since we've been sick.

I found out right before bed that my gpa is going in for surgery again today. More stints. This is the 3rd surgery in months w/ the last being just 3 weeks ago. I also found out that he believes his time is running out. He feels it. I am heartbroken. I know he is old and getting older but he has always been so young at heart. His age has never held him back. Now its catching up to him, so quickly. I need to start preparing myself to be with out him. I know that he could still have 30 years but he could also not. I dont like to think about it. I can't imagine my life w/o him...

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