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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I need a new friend. Preferably one in Katy. Better yet, someone in my neighborhood. I should post an ad. Attached female seeking same for bff's!! Hobbies include sitting around watching terrible train wreck reality tv making snarky comments, lunch dates and thrifting. Occasionally would like to do crafts or go shopping. Optional someone who is plus sized too so we can share clothes or maybe exercise together. Even better if they have a husband/boyfriend who can be bff's w/ mine. Then we can all hang together!!
I really miss my bff. Like a lot. And it sucks bc everyone is having babies including her and her sister so now I feel super left out. And my family acts like I live a million miles away no one will come see me...
I'm lonely...

And conflicted.
My great aunt is in town visiting and so we are having a dinner on Friday, well Jon wont be able to come. And then last night my mom asked me to ride w/ her to go see Ryland on Saturday. Sigh...That means I wont be spending any of Fri or Sat w/ Jon. Sad faces :( I was really wanting to do something fun w/ Jon Saturday after he got off work. He's had a rough week back and I wanted to take his mind of work for awhile...damn it.
But I dont get to see Ryland very often.


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