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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shopping, I love it!!

Yesterday was me and Jons 8 month anniversary. I think we are finally getting back to normal after the bug. Thank goodness. Bc Jon was being all scaredy cat and wouldnt kiss me or hardly give me snuggles. GERMS!! he'd say. SO!! We both are already sick. But he came home yesterday and gave me kisses.
Oh man, I made dinner last night and didnt take pics. Oh well, it was italian chicken in the crockpot. So, so yum. After dinner, he cleaned up the kitchen while I made lunches, it felt nice to get back to our routine. Before we fell asleep we said 8 things we love about each other. Jon failed. He doesnt do well on the spot like that. He said he needs to text it, lol. Oh jeez.

I got money back from my tax refund yesterday. Whoop whop. I have some bills that were coming up so those first. But there are 3 checks in May so I will def still be putting some $$ towards the big D. OMG. I am so glad the time is finally here for that. I did order some Mothers Day items, a present for Jon, and a few things for me. Including a new bathing suit. I have been searching and searching for something cute and reasonably priced. Bathing suits, especially plus sized, are always soooooo pricey. But here it is:
I love it!!

Ok I think that is it for today...I feel like I am missing something....

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