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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Update

Happy day after Easter!!
This weekend went by way too fast and I felt like we were too busy. Friday I stayed up till 4am playing the sims. Saturday I got up w/ Jon but slept off and on. Jon actually got home at a relatively decent hour but then we stayed up waaaaaaaay too late Saturday night. Sunday morning I made some yummy caramel rolls before we had to start getting ready to go to my gparents for Easter Dinner.

Spending the day w/ the family was nice. But honestly I was tired and ready to go before Jon expected me to be ready. I was kinda bummed bc Kelli wasnt there. After lunch I dropped Jon off at work bc he had to help w/ the 3rd shop. Picked him up around 9 and pretty much went to bed. Unfortunately for some reason I layed in bed till after 11 before I could fall asleep. Probably from staying up 2 nights in a row. Ugh.

We've been having issues w/ Chance having accidents. He has peed several times and then Saturday night he peed on Jons comforter. I felt so bad. And I dont understand what the hell is causing it. Plus this is a horrible time for him to be possibly be having a behavioral problem, since we are fixing to leave him for a week. So this could be behavioral, something might be wrong, or just simple accidents. One of the ways I am trying to help correct the issues is when I let him out, I actually walk out w/ him and watch him go potty. Bc he will sometimes just walk out on the patio and come right back. So last night before bed, I take him out, and he starts to go poo and the big dog on the right of us starts barking. Chance runs into the house and looks like he is about to poop on the floor. I yell for him to get back outside and he eventually goes. So IDK if hes afraid of that dog or what. Ugh but he needs to stop.

Anyway its busy already so I need to go.
Have a good Monday!!

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