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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Have Zombie Ex's

I'm bored. And I keep forgetting to load the rest of the Tennessee pics. I'll try to remember to do that today. This entry will probably be pretty boring and random. I havent been in the blogging mood lately for some reason. I AM in the shopping mood tho. I really wanna new bathing suit for this summer. I've had mine for a few years now. But I hate how expensive plus sized bathing suits are. I just saw some really cute ones on and for just the top it was $70.
Why!? Boooo...Ugh. It is so hard for me to justify spending over $100 on basically fancy panties and tank top, since I wear the tankini style. Sigh....

Since our vacay is over the next thing we are looking forward to is our bdays! We are both July babies. His is 10 days before mine. We are almost 2 years apart, me being older then him. Which is so weird for me. lol He acts older. So yeah, birthdays. I like to really celebrate mine but he acts like birthdays are overrated. Uh NO! Its the best day of the year its a day to celebrate YOU! How cool.

Some other random thoughts:
  • I am itching to throw a housewarming party
  • We need to get focused on our diet again
  • I need to go grocery shopping
  • The eczema on my hands is getting bad again
  • Our yard guy better come today, the yard looks awful
  • Its Payday
And lastly...
  • Why was dead guy aka Kevin on my blog?*
*I believe it was him bc someone found my blog w/ the "avwoodlands guy" search again. And I know he knows that that works to get to my blog.

Eh. Anyway. Happy Hump Day.

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