Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I pretty much feel better. Of course we had a cold front come in and now I have sinus pressure issues but meh. I'm fine. My ears just went crazy when I left for work this morning.
So last Friday I had my car detailed and I found a sample of perfume that I had lost. Its called Viva La Juicy. And I just put some on. It reminds me so much of when Jon and I first started dating. And my old little garage apt. Awww....Man I am so nostalgic. I love thinking about "old" times w/ my babe. You know, bc we've been together so long, lol. Speaking of which our 8 month anniversary is coming up. Whoop whop! lol Hmmm I love my little monkey butt. Even if he did give me a stomach bug.

Speaking of which, since we are both finally feeling better I guess I'll be making dinner tonight. We went grocery shopping Sunday and really havent even eaten anything except ramen. Hmmm....what do I wanna cook? Probably something in the crockpot.

I just ordered my moms mothers day present. Its ghost pepper flakes, lol. Hope she likes them.
Anyway its starting to get busy.

This week is dragging!!! Come on Friday!!

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