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Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaack

Back from vacation! Did ya miss me? Huh, huh? Did ya?
Psh, I know you did.

Well, sorry for not continuing my vaca blogging. I had totally intended to, but my laptop got sick. And I thought it was just the hotel wifi.

Tennessee was great. Def enjoyed meeting and hanging out w/ Jons dad, Tommy and his wife Sherry. Very sweet people. But of course they were. We did all kinds of touristy things like Graceland and Davies Manor. We went to Beale Street and walked along the Mississippi. It was a good visit. We both did get kinda homesick around Thursday but on Friday we really enjoyed our last night w/ the family. The drive home was long and forever. Plus I wasnt feeling well, so I slept off and on. But we made it and we relaxed yesterday just getting ready for today.

I guess I'll wrap it up.
I'll upload pics tonight, maybe :)

OH PS the last pic of Jon in the last blog entry Tennessee Vaca Day 1 is actually a video.

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