Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am sick.
I knew it would come. I was hoping and praying and wishing that I would be spared. The good news is, it doesnt seem to be as bad for me. But that could be bc I haven't been eating. But my stomach felt weird right when I woke up and I have...umm...some intestinal distress. Then nausea and lots of stomach cramping for about an hour. I also had chills and a slight headache. Now I am so sleepy. And cold. I'm at work and feeling very conflicted. The whole drive here I was fighting myself to turn around. Once I got here I checked on if there was available time to leave, which there is. So I was gonna leave at 6:30 or 7, but now I'm conflicted. I'm here and I am ok. I should stay. But I am so sleepy and I just wanna be in my pjs in my bed, or on my couch.

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