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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5 WHole Months

Today is me and Jons 5 month anniversary. Wow. Feels longer. Nothing planned or expected for this. Just wanted to acknowledge it. We stopped celebrating the month anniversaries at 3. Now maybe the 6th month we'll do something small. Mainly bc thats how long we were supposed to last. lol Ugh loser.

Last night J did text me to let me know the #1 house that we wanted is showing as option pending. Boo. We are gonna go look at houses next Sunday. We were gonna go this Sunday but its my gpas bday party. I am dying to start looking tho.

My carpal tunnel is coming back. I am shocked at how fast it has returned and almost completely at the point to where it was when I first got the cortisone shots. So I need to reschedule my EMG and consult w/ the surgeon but until then I am gonna go see my ortho. Hopefully I can get the shots again. But I also need to discuss a new problem w/ him. Dont know if its related or not. When I put any weight on my forearms and they arent moving, when I finally move they hurt EXTREMELY bad. Thats probably sounds confusing. But for example when I sleep on my stomach I prop myself up w/ my arm. So my arm is holding up weight and are stable/not moving. When I try to change positions its like OMG FUCKING FUCK SHIT ASS BALLSACK.


That bad.

LOL So anyway need to talk to him soon.

I had a dream last night that I finally had a chance to weigh myself and I was over 400lbs. As in I gained lots of weight instead of losing it. Ugh. I really am curious to know if I have lost anything yet. I did check what the calorie/fat was in our dinner last night. And they are low cal/fat. And I could make them even lower fat if the store would ever actually have the reduced fat cream of chk soup.

Alrighty. Well, today should be a good day. Cant wait to see my love and give him lots of anniversary kisses. lol

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