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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Miss Me?

Man I have been meaning to blog all week. But my new schedule makes it more difficult to find time to blog. I guess I could do it after work altho this week I have been busy every single day, even w/ getting off 2-3 hrs early.
Found out late Sunday night that my gpa is having heart problems so Friday he is having surgery. So Krystal, little Everett, and I went over there after I got off on Monday. Then drove back home and pretty much crashed. I was so tired from the schedule swt and lack of sleep, plus then driving to CL and back. OMG. I basically stayed up till J got home, packed our lunches and was out.
Tuesday I got off early, stopped at the grocery store and picked up some chicken for dinner and made some yummy Salsa Chicken. It was a new recipe and it came out soooo good. Since J and I went grocery shopping Sunday night I had planned our dinners for the week. I also had time to do some laundry and argue/talk w/ Donna. Basically the he said/she said between her and J was driving me insane. It was all over the water bill. So when J got home I told him I was paying it. I couldnt take it anymore. I felt so bad bc first off he had had a rough day at work then having to come home to that. But I tried explaining to him, in my mind I knew he was right BUT I needed peace in the house. Its driving me crazy.
Yesterday was another early day. J wanted me to stop by the shop on the way home so I did. He handed me a printed out receipt. He paid the water bill in full. GRRR! I was gonna do it myself. But I should have known better (he wont let me pay for much, I do pay my own bills tho). The water was shut off when I got home. Took Chance to the vet for his annual exam and vaccines. I had yet to take him since I got him. He is a healthy, happy little pup. Got all rabies vaccine, and meds for fleas and heartworm prevention. They also gave me some more eye drops. Before I left I got a referral for a groomers. He needs a haircut bad! lol He looks like a stuff animal right now. Tried another new recipe last night. Chicken and dumplings. Came out so good. Yummy yummy. And like the old couple we are, in bed by 9.

Thats the update. I am gonna try to either update in the mornings when I first get to work or after I get off from now on. Other then that not much else too exciting going on. I am def enjoying being home and being able to feed my man, lol. Our diets are going well. This weekend is my brothers bday party. I'm hoping to do something w/ J, since we finally have weekends together. He has 2 realtor's looking for our place. As soon as we find something, applications and deps made we are outta there. But either way gotta be out by Apr 2.

Mkay this was a pretty good update. I'm done. :)

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