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Monday, January 28, 2013

Our First Weekend.

After getting off work Friday afternoon, my mom called to let me know that first off, my gpa was confused about the procedure. It was just exploratory. They put a camera up in his heart to look around. The dr said there was good news and bad. Good - my gpas heart itself is in good shape, his overall health is good and his lifestyle is still active. Bad - he will need several new stints, an artificial valve replacement and this would require open heart surgery. She wanted him to stay in the hospital, she sent a consult to the cardiac surgeon, and anticipated the surgery complete w/i 72 hours. Well... the surgeon didnt agree. She wants to try and treat w/ meds first. So we will see how he responds to meds. He was discharged and went out to eat w/ my aunts family the same night. Craziness.

Saturday was Ronnies 22nd bday party. It was a blast. Most the family was there. And all the babies. OMG. ALL THE BABIES!!! Riley and Everett. Yay!! It was so nice to finally be able to go to a function. I wish Jon could have come but Saturday afternoons dont work for him bc of work.

Saturday night was cheat night. We were gonna get Olive Garden but it seems like the one in Katy doesnt actually do take out. Lame. So we had Fazolis instead. And that was freaking good. We watched Ted which was pretty funny. And then some how got to talking about politics which was a huge mistake. I felt like a complete bitch and a terrible GF bc I attacked Jon's beliefs. Ugh. Plus I hate politics and it gets me all worked up to point where between Saturday night and Sunday morning (where we started talking about it AGAIN!!) I cried 2 times. Shit. We kinda took a break from each other. He went and played video games and I stayed in bed, then got on the comp in the bedroom until he came in looking for me after about an hour. I hated that. I dont like feeling like that w/ my love.

Later we had our dinner and went grocery shopping for the week. We kicked that grocery stores ass. lol I made a list and torn it in half and went for a divide and conquer approach (there, is that better J?) We were back in the truck in 30 mins. After we got home we watched October Sky, which was very good. And then watched Summer Rental, which was the typical 80's family vacation rental comedy. So typical. But funny.

Then it was bed time, unfortunately we both seemed to have hard a time falling asleep. His tooth was bothering him and I apparently had sympathy pains bc I woke up w/ a toothache. Lame.

Welp. Happy Monday.

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