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Friday, January 25, 2013

MMmm Breakfast

I almost had to actually work a whole day yesterday, but I was offered undertime at 1, so I got off an hour early.  Which worked out well bc I was able to get Chance into his new groomers. I love them so much and they did such a good job. Got home and started dinner. Picked up the bedroom a little. I really need to clean the living room but I have been putting it off. Maybe today or this weekend. Donna came down and apparently needed to socialize bc she hung out w/ me for a few hours and talked. I pretty much kept my mouth shut. I am finally learning my lesson. Its just so hard for me to not talk back. I am a talker.

Jon came home and we ate dinner. The Italian Chicken w/ brown rice came out so good last night. OMG. I probably ate more then J did. I was definitely full when I was done. Packed up our lunches and had some snuggles. Much needed snuggles.

Well its Friday. I made it thru my first week M-F. I'll be glad when I get my internal clock set for this schedule. I didnt nap yesterday and went to bed late-ish. Looking forward to sharing my weekend w/ J. Only thing planned so far is my brothers bday party @ 1 on Saturday.

My gpas surgery is today. He has to be at the hosp at 8. So please pray everything goes well. And I'll update again soon.


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