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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Rarely Use Apostrophes

Feeling much better. Whatever the issue was I ate eventually and was fine. So thats good. Never had a chance to leave work early yesterday as much as I really wanted to go home. I'm freaking sleepy. I miss Jon. lol I know, we have more time together now then ever, but...our evenings go so quickly. First off his schedule isn't set. Some days hes home at 7 and the next day its 8:30-9. And we both want to spend some time together before we head to bed. We end up pushing it. AND if theres ever time for some cuddles I am def up past my bedtime. Its doesnt help that someone...not gonna mention any names, JONATHAN E. H. decided to get some one all worked up @ 11pm and then tell me to go to sleep. Grrrr. Yeah, maybe tmi for my blog, I try to keep things family friend but ummm I was left hanging! Well...doesnt matter, there will be no dinner cooked tonight, he better eat a snack wrap on the way home and do some stretches...thats all I'm saying. lol

Came out to ice on my car this morning. Took forever to defrost. The cars closer to the house didnt have any. Stupid. I wanna park in the garage tho. Thats where cars go. Ugh I cant wait till we move. Whether I park in the garage or not. Speaking of which I'm having an internal conflict with Valentines Day. Since we are moving, we are saving our monies for deps and stuff. Well Valentines is coming up and its our first one. I want to tell J he doesnt have to worry about getting me anything. Maybe we can postpone our V-day or celebrate something else once we move in. BUT the other side of me is like UM its our FIRST V-day. I want something. lol So, J figure that one out. :) What I really want is this new necklace trend Living Locket. They are super cute.

OK well I hope this day goes quickly. I am ready for Friday.

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