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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dropping Shoes

I have currently been preparing for some blog dumping. I know my post lately have been, well, boring and pretty few and far between. Its mostly related to the fact that J and I are basically in life hiatus. We are currently suspended in motion and have been for a few months. Although we jumped very quickly from dating to living together, we kinda stalled out for 3 months. First waiting for my schedule change that is literally only days away. Technically 2 days away. Holy crap. But yes so that is the first one and we thought that would never come.

Now it seems we are becoming anxious for the other shoe to drop; so to speak. Another 2 months of kinda holding our breath and just getting thru the day to day. I'm speaking of course of the lease ending here and J and I getting our own place separate from Danny and Donna.

I feel like the first thing I should be blogging about is work and my work schedule changing. But now I really feel like the most pressing for me to just get out is the move. Just to be clear before I start, Jon would never had moved me in if he knew what those 5 months would be like. So yeah.

I am losing my mind slowly. I hate hate hate hate hate living her w/ Donna. I am the type of person who feel like communication is key. Period. Adults need to discuss things. Roommates need to talk. Every person in this house has a different way to handle issues that arise. Now... on top of that Donna is a drug addicted unemployed felon stupid fucking bitch and Danny is an alcoholic dumb ass. First the alcohol binges, then drugs. They fight. They owe money. They break shit. But there's a million fucking issues w/ the money, bills, and payments...

I could go on and on.

I am so fed up. And I feel so bad for Jon. Being on the other side of family drama...SHIT. FUCKING FUCK ME. Its gotten to where I stay in our room all 3 days off. I don't want to have anything to do w/ them. But I hate to feel this way, in a place I have to call home. I have kinda jokingly thought what if I left temporarily until we got our own place. But I would never never never EVER leave Jon behind. I couldn't imagine going back to the way it was those first few weeks. Oh God. No.

Guess what babe. 75 Days. 75 nights until April 2.

So, we'll do it together. One day at a time.
I can't wait.

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