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Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh yeah!

I completely forgot to tell y'all about my dream last night! Ugh! I hate when I have dreams that feel so real I wake up pissed off or whatever.

So, J and I were in HS and we were dating. Apparently is was kinda new. We were hanging out one day, I think it was supposed to be a weekend, with our group of friends (which was the kickers, btw, which I never associated w/ in HS). We were all hanging out at the pool at my grandparents house, except it was a creek/lake instead of the pool. There was another girl there and some mentioned she was pregnant. Somehow between that "scene" and the next I realized it was Jon's baby. Either someone told me or something. So the next scene I am standing in the hall at school in front of my locker, waiting on Jon to come in. And everyone of our friends know too and he knows I know. Hes purposely waiting till the last minute to come. Finally he walked in as soon as the bell rings and I yell his name. I was like we need to talk. And hes like but first I gotta go check in class. But I wouldnt let him.

Well anyways we try getting off campus for what seems like forever so we can talk. Its literally a maze and there are teachers and stuff following us, plus other skippers, lol. We have to jump off really steep platforms, and climb up bleachers. Finally we get away and I ask him what is going on? I thought he loved me? What does he want? He says he loves me then I woke up.

I was pissed!! It was so frustrating too. All that running around and I never even got any answers. lol

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