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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beggars cant be Choosers

The other night I needed gas on my way home. Bad call there. But I had planned on going during my lunch break but the drive thru took too long. Now, I could have made it home w/o stopping but I was trying to avoid J lecturing me about it being bad for my car to go that low on gas. Anyways, so I stop. Its 12:30am. I am white. And female. And I work like in HOUSTON HOUSTON. Not like in a suburb. BUT I haven't ever had issues before. So I swipe my card and start to pump. This young black guy came up to me and started begging me for a ride. I couldnt freaking believe it. And to make matters worse he was upset w/ me when I told him no. I was like you have got to understand my reason for not doing it. Then when I wouldnt give in he started begging for money. I had $5 cash and he was getting closer and closer while I was trying to get in my car so I just gave him the $$ and drove off. But he really fucking pissed me off. Its night time, I am female and alone. Dont come up to me. Otherwise I am going to assume you are trying to do something to me. I dont care if you are white, black, young, old, hell even male or female. Get away. And to make me feel bad bc I'm not gonna drop you off somewhere, give me a break.
Learned my lesson tho. No more late night gas stops.

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