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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gross Post

You know what I hate?
Waking up to the feeling of having to puke.

I'm sure no one enjoys that but seriously, its the worst wake up ever. And thats what my morning entailed. My stomach was a firey pit, my palms were sweaty and all the color had drained from my face. At this point I am having an internal convo, please dont throw up, oh GOD please please please. I couldnt tell if it was heartburn/reflux or if I had a bug or something. It wasnt the typical heartburny thing I sometimes get (which btws I seem to have mostly kicked it w/ my diet). The convo continued, I cant miss work. I dont wanna miss work. Of course I would get sick right after a old absence fell off. I'm trying to clear out my old occurrences.

This goes on for awhile and I knew for sure I was gonna die. Luckily it passed and I am now sitting at work. I feel ok. Mostly. Of course I wont be eating anything today. lol Or not till I am starving.

So I hoped you enjoyed my morning, lol. Besides that last night I decided I wanted to learn how to play Madden. I played one came by myself. I feel like I did good for it being my first time. Of course Jon would kick my ass when we play together. But I'm a good sport. I just think it will be fun to play together...until I get really good and then I'll kick his ass. Hehehe.

Alrighty, I have a headache and my throat is killing me now...stupid stomach!

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