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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers...maybe

Hey Its May!! Cant believe it.

Today is an espresso shot in my frappacino kinda morning. Late night last night w/ my love. So being extra tired tonight is a good thing. Jon is finally feeling back to normal and so am I. I missed my little snuggle monkey, lol.

The roofer came yesterday. When he was doing the walk thru inside he said he thought the leaks were coming from the chimney and the skylight. He then went out and actually checked the roof. I was interested in what he found but he never came and knocked. I thought he was going to. Maybe he rang the doorbell. Which doesnt work. Oh well.

Jon is stressing over money again. Which is frustrating bc then I stress about money. lol He does this about once a month. Usually around the 1st, since thats the biggest bill. But when I do the calculations everything seems fine. Yeah it will be close but he gets paid everyweek so we will be fine.

Whoa. I can feel the espresso kicking in. My heart is quicker then normal. Heh. Awesome. I used to get 2 shots everyday, but I quit when I started feeling like I was getting an ulcer.

OK Happy hump day.
<3 R

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