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Friday, February 1, 2013

My Hands be Painin'!

Blasties! So sometimes things dont work out like you had intended them to. Doesnt mean anything went wrong just not the way you originally thought it would work. I didnt cook just like I said I wouldnt. And Jon came home super early to surprise me. It was like 3ish. How cool. I was totally shocked. We played Madden (he won of course) and then COD (I think?). I suck. BUT I made progress. I was laughing so hard. I really really wish I could have seen video playback of my guy. I was having a very hard time learning the controls. I was laughing so hard. Even now thinking about how I was walking into walls and spinning in circles bc I couldnt figure out how to turn makes me lol. Jon was yelling directions at me like keep up w/ him, etc and I guess he was being attacked or something bc he yelled you suck at these games. Jeez. lol. Good times. After video games we ate ramen, I took a shower, packed our lunches and headed to bed.
I know, I know. But I was so tired. I was falling asleep by 6:30-7. I'm so lame. Tonight! For sure.

After work today I get to see my orthopedic for my carpal tunnel. Wahoo. I am so excited. My hands hurt so bad today after playing xbox. Plus my skin is all cracked and dry. I wanna talk to him about that too. I wonder if people w/ CT are more susceptible to this...whatever the F it is. It hurts. BUT I am looking forward to weighing. Bummer it will be so late in the day after eating and such. But I still wanna see. I hope I've lost something.

Welp its Feb 1st. I have gone a whole month on my diet. Go me! I think this is the longest I have lasted w/o also taking diet pills. And I couldnt have done it w/o my sweet love. I am so proud of him. He, of course, is melting away. His jeans are waaaaaaaaaaay too big. His shirts hang off him. We have bad days and we still struggle sometimes but the good days out number the bad. We are on our way to being even sexier then ever :)

SO TGIF people. Have a good day!!

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