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Saturday, November 10, 2012

#8 #9

#8 My guy friends - I was gonna say Marc, Thomas and Troy. Marc and I seem to have had a falling out.* I have always been one of the girls who has gotten along better w/ men then women. Dont get me wrong, I have female friends. But more male then female usually. And the relationships are totally different. The dynamic is unique. Me and my guy friends are more casual. No bullshit, no drama. Just tell me like it is. When I was still single and struggling w/ all the crap I went thru these 3 guys were there for me. They listened to me. They made suggestions. Real stuff. And since they are men (duh) they would call me out on things I was doing that were wrong, or point out when a guy was douche. Marc was good for keeping me accountable to my standards and morals. Thomas was good for the guys perspective and Troy was the no-nonsense/wtf one. I'm not saying I always listened or took their advice but I am still grateful to have had them around. And they are also fun to shoot the shit with. Now that I am in a relationship they are all happy for me and are still good for relationship advice now...except Troy...he's single. lol

*more on this later

#9 My Church - I was baptised, confirmed and married in the same building. I went thru all years of Sunday School and did the youth group thing, Choir. Summer Camp, Winter Camp. I love the people inside those walls and feel home there. Sunday morning spent there always recharge my batteries and get me ready to face the world for the week. I miss going every Sunday. I know faith has nothing to do w/ the building but I do believe its good to come together w/ like minded people and have fellowship and worship together.

Well I am off today and about to head out for Krystals baby shower. 4 more weeks till baby Everett makes his debut. I am excited and nervous. Krystal is like my last childless friend. I am so scared I will never have kids and miss that opportunity to be a mommy. (J dont freak out here) But I do def want 1 (or 2 max). I want to be pregnant and experience creating a life. Plus to love someone and then create a life with them, is like, what we are here for. Hmmm yeah....
k gotta go

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