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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Can be Thankful for Items, Right?

#10 Cell phone - I know this sounds materialistic but its really become a way of life. Yes, I can live w/o one. I have done it. I just dont prefer it. My cell is the only phone I have, as most people now a days, no home phone. And of course it does so much more then make phone calls. I am one of those who google answers. I get directions and phone numbers. Business hours and menus. Facebook. Texting. I love my phone.

#11 My Car - Another potential materialistic answer. I drive a 2002 Acura 3.2 TL. She not too fancy, I mean she was at one point. But shes older now. She looks nice. Silver. Reliable. Fast and safe. I have done a decent job taking care of her and now I would say I take great care of my car, heh thanks J. Shes not my dream car. I wouldnt have picked her if I had unlimited options. But she worked for what I had to work with. I will have her paid off in about a year. Almost at 200,000. I am hoping she last awhile longer. I think she will. Shes got a good mechanic in the family now :)

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