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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kiss Me Goodnight

I feel like I am falling apart. For a few weeks I have been getting adjusted to our new bed, so I was a little sore in the mornings. But here lately I have been having more and more pain. My arms/shoulders and hands/wrist again. And I dont think I am taking in any sulfate...wait...I just got new lotion about a month ago. I guess I need to check that. Damn. I bet thats it. Goodness. I hate my body sometimes.

The baby shower went really well. I always love anytime I can spend w/ family, especially Krystal and my mom. Afterwards I stopped and met a lady to buy Guitar Hero for xbox. Got home and played a little waiting for J to get home. We had the house to ourselves last night. Wahoo ;) and after enjoying several hours of uninterrupted and unrushed time together I crashed hard. I was asleep before midnight. That never happens. This morning I woke up and apparently last night I pulled a groin muscle. Heh. Oops. But oouuuuuuuuuuuuuchy. Hurts so bad today and its getting worse as the day goes on. Awesome. o.o

One of the things J and I did last night was pick "Our Song." We picked Gloriana's Good Night. It became radio popular over here right around the time we started dating. And it really kinda fit us. Makes us both think back to those first few dates. And even tho it wasnt that long ago I already get a nostalgic feeling thinking back to those nights. Dinner at Gringos. Movies. Bowling. Movies. Dinner. I can still go back and almost feel the anticipation, the nerves that I had those days. Its so funny to me now. Thinking about when I would be waiting for him to show up. Like the first time we went to the movies. And we didnt sit next to each other I was literally screaming in my head, at myself, to SCOOT OVER. Ugh. lol Anyway yeah. It fits.

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