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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Too Tired to Finish

We went to dinner tonight. I was really in the mood for Mexican, so he took me to this place literally around the corner. We had a few drinks and enjoyed being alone for awhile (dont know if I mentioned it but they are The margaritas....holy crap. Hehhehe. Lemme just say I like getting tipsy w/ my honey. Theres something about tequila that makes me wanna be bad. lol He kept telling me....something...urrr I think he was telling me to be good. I cant help that I wanna jump him. I ALWAYS wanna jump him but when I drink I dont care that we are in public.
Hmmm what did he say? I remember he said something about people being in ear shot, OH yeah I was trying to lick his finger. Omg...well I am feisty. lol.
Anyway he was a little buzzed too and we need to drink together more. That was fun. Just not tequila. Makes me wanna puke after the 3rd drink. Rum is YUM!

OK yeah I be sleepy sleepy now...

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