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Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

I come home Monday night to a card sitting on the end table and a bag of chocolate. The card was super sweet and there was even a gift card for itunes in it. When I went in the restroom to change I found this little cutie waiting for me. As soon as I picked him up he woke up and he was so loud. lol He is super cute and fun to play with. Each furby has several personalities and J loves to make him evil. He dances to music and sings along. I love it!

Wednesday I drove back to Clear Lake and picked up Chance (forever) and then Krystal. I wanted her to some see me and J's place and meet J. She wanted to carve pumpkins. So after dropping off Chance we found a pumpkin patch, got tools and went to work. I decided I wanted to try and do the one w/ the little pumpkin being eaten by the big one. I did it all free hand w/o a stencil. Its freaking awesome. I wanna save it forever. We passed out some candy then J came home and we took Krystal home. They got along great and it made me so happy to hear them laughing (at my expense) together.

Thursday was date night, J and I went to have dinner. I wanted Fuddruckers. And it was delish as usual. There was a guy there doing caricatures and I wanted to get one but J didn't AND he didn't have any cash. Hes lucky I didn't bring my wallet. lol Afterwards we went to game stop so he could get some new games. Then once home I let him play some of the new game until we went to bed. Side note about dinner. I didn't even bring my phone w/ us to dinner. I have never done that for anyone ever. But when I am with him I don't need it/want it really. I mean not for a date night at least.

I brought all my scrapbooking stuff to work today and got some good stuff going. I did a few pages. Its looking really cute. AND OMG got the bestest work info ever today.  I will have first pick on the shift bid regardless of my ranking so I will get the best schedule for sure. Finally my patience is paying of. Its going to take another 2 months probably, looking like Jan, for it to go thru, but still. I am so happy.

Mkay thats about it. I'm gonna do a Thanksgiving post shortly. I wanna keep a daily what I'm thankful post from now till Thanksgiving.

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