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Friday, November 9, 2012

Not my Thankful post..

Shit is hitting the fan here in the house. The "idiots upstairs" as J puts it, are ruining this set up we had going here. It wasn't perfect but it would have worked till April when the lease was up. But since Danny went on his binge and shit a few weeks ago things have been tense. Then Tues, Donna was talking some shit when the electric got shut off but yet once J was home all of a sudden someone lost their balls and nothing was said. Weds goes by and then today she tells me basically they are leaving as soon as they find a place and Danny gets paid. Oh and the $800 something dollars owed to J, nope they don't owe it so they aren't paying it. I tell her I'm gonna tell J all this, right. I mean why wouldn't I. They are planning on leaving us stranded he needs to know. This of course set off and chain reaction of phone calls and just major drama. Ending w/ J and Danny talking but not really getting anywhere bc he has to talk to Donna. Of course J had prove to show they owe the money. Oh and I'm a fat ass and I showed Danny naked pics of myself. SO...I am going to avoiding her at all cost. Dannys cool. Donna...shes an instigator.
And as far as whats gonna happen w/ J and I in the house, bc we are productive members of society who actual work and shit, we will be fine. Things may be tight till we move but J can carry everything on his $ alone. Of course I will be available to help, even if its only temporarily. (He doesn't like that, HES THE PROVIDER!! lol)
What do I want to happen? Hmmm hard to say. I think at this point I just want them to go. I think if they stay the vibe thru the house will be off. Donna would need to do some serious ass kissing between J and I and I just dont see her doing it.
So they are supposed to be taking this weekend to find something. Probably be out by next weekend.

J feels bad for putting me in the middle of this. This isnt going to be the last hard time we have together. Relationships go thru trials. We are doing this together. Talking it out. Discussing. Venting. Working thru it together. Once this is all said and done, we will be stronger as a couple. Plus we are learning a lot about each other. How we handle obstacles, stress, etc. Good can come from bad.

Ok I'm exhausted...sleepy sleepy?

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