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Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Thanksgiving

*Started post yesterday*
OMG Work is dead today. Its just now 3pm and I still have 9:30 hours left. Waaaaah. I am falling asleep. Like I cant even entertain myself to not doze off this early in my day, I had to tell my boss not to write me up. Mkay he found some busy work for me to do. That was very helpful. Got me thru till almost my lunch time.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I had a great one. Minus the part where I had to work. J and I woke up a little early and cuddled and laid in bed together for awhile. Finally I got up and we started getting ready. First stop was taking my car to work. Since I was going to need to be back to work by 7:30 it was the best case scenario. After that we headed out to his mommas for lunch and to watch the Texans game. I enjoy being around his mom. Barbara is very nice and friendly towards me. And its a real, sincere attitude. Not forced or fake.

Leaving there we headed to LC to my gparents house to see my family. Jon was very nervous about seeing all my family, but he did very well. I was proud of him. Unfortunately bc they ended up having lunch earlier then normal everyone was ready to go shortly after we got there. I was pretty bummed about that. But there was several hours left before I needed to be headed to work. I made a to go plate and we decided to split.

For the next couple hours I had J drive me around LC, Webster, Friendswood and Alvin, showing him all my old houses, schools, etc. Letting him see the town that I grew up in and how much I love my "small" towns. They are over populated now, but there are a few places left in town where you can get that old town feel.

After all that we headed back to Houston and he dropped me off at work, so I could work my 4 stupid hours. Just 58 More days till the schedule change!!

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