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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Only 29 More Days!!

Yesterday was a much better day, which was needed after this weekend. Jon did talk to Johnny. And basically said our house, our rules. AND we need to have a weekend every once and awhile to ourselves. He said he understood. We'll see how this weekend goes.
Its now the month countdown till my bday!! Unlike J, I love my bday, and I make a big deal out of it. ALSO I EXPECT OTHERS TO AS WELL....ahem...suttle hint for ya there. Just to clarify I don't mean you have to spend lots of $$ (if you do thats ok too (:) but I just like to feel special and loved. Its important to me. Maybe I'll have my party at the house so I can get my family to come. Ooooo yes thats a good idea. Housewarming birthday party.

Hmm...I dont think I have anything else to say..
Have a good day! :)

OH PS I burned my thumb yesterday and it on Saturday I stubbed my toe. They both really hurt, lol

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