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Friday, June 14, 2013

I Just Don't Get It

**This might be a TMI post, mostly for men. That was your warning**
So I finally did it. I finally went and had my well woman exam. Mostly on the insisting of Jon. I didn't die. It was fine. And actually my doctor was really great. It had been probably 10 years since I last went and during that time I was going to Planned Parenthood. So much has changed in 10 years and the quality of service is so much better at an OBG vs PP. First off the changes, you don't need a well woman exam until you are 21 now. Even if you are sexual active/want birth control. 2ndly once you are 21 you only need the pap every 3 years unless you get an abnormal result. You still come in yearly for a breast/pelvis exam tho. Now the difference between private obg vs PP. At PP you're pretty much just naked the whole time. After the initial consult w/ the RN, checking vitals, etc, you are given the paper vest and a paper towel to cover your lap and told to remove all clothes. Oh but you can leave your socks on...really? Thaaaanks. So the Drs do the exam and then discuss while you are still naked. At my appt yesterday, first off I was given a hospital gown and and a small sheet. Then I didn't have to undress until after I had talked to the dr and he told me what to expect. Once I had to undress, it was bottoms first for pelvic exam then get dressed and top half for breast but w/ the gown on. So I was never too exposed. The dr did the breast exam under the gown.
So all that to say, if you haven't been in forever go to a real dr (sorry pp) and your experience will probably be much better, or as better as it can be.
**Ok men its safe to read from here**

  • I get off for July 4th. Yay!! I got the email this morning...same as last year so far w/ holidays. 
  • Danny sucks.
  • Jon is having...withdrawals (is that right? my spellcheck corrected it?) from WOW. Or craving to play, don't know how to explain it but a few months before we met he had gotten pretty burnt out on it and stopped playing like he was. And then once he met me he stayed away bc he worries it will affect us. But last night he was fiending after he heard Johnny playing. I of course don't know what to tell him. I don't play so I don't understand. I say play it, but he says that's not a good idea. Ok well only play a little? Nope that's not how it works. for a week or 2? Don't play?? IDK!!!?? He really thinks that if he plays he wont be able to  balance us and WOW and that I will leave him bc he will neglect me. Ok so don't play. 
  • Yay its Friday. And I'm sleepy. So I'm done w/ this post
Have a good day and weekend, y'all!!

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