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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brain Fart

You know what, I eat a poppy seed bagel every morning. I wonder if I would fail a drug test? Hmmm
Anyway, I went grocery shopping yesterday and couple things I wanna say about that. First I picked out 4 new recipes, so I am excited about that. Made one last night Million Dollar Spaghetti I pinned this several months ago, came from the blogger Being Grown Up. I really like it, I am def a fan of baked pastas.
The other thing I was gonna say, this is directed at Jon, I am not going by myself any more. We shop together. It was so hot and I was dying. If there was 2 of us it would have been easier. Mkay? Thanks :)

I set up the facebook invites for our bday bash. I am so excited!! I really love my bday. I hope that my family and the few friends I invited can make it.

I dont have anything else...I did but I forgot what else I was gonna say. lol
Have a good day! :)

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