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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sleepy Filipino

Yesterday was my appt w/ a pulmonologist for my sleepiness, since my pcp thinks I have sleep apnea. So now I have a sleep study that I need to schedule for. I'm kinda nervous about it for some reason. But I def need to figure out my sleep problems. I'm not sure if Jon remembers but last night I was sleeping all jacked up. I woke up and was in the middle, plus my head w/ also way too far down, like halfway down the bed. Who knows. 
I feel like I'm falling apart. My old shoulder "injury" is flaring up. The past 3 days I have had some dull throbby pains. My carpal tunnel is starting to get annoying. My left hand goes numb a lot. I cant make a tight fist and just closing my hand too long makes my hand hurt. I wake up w/ my hands asleep and numb. Jeez. If I feel like this now, what am I gonna feel like in 20 years.
I made another new recipe last night. I made a Filipino dish, Pancit Bihon Guisado, it was so good. Kind of a lot of work but was worth it in the end. Lots of veggies, rice sticks, chicken and sauce/broth. Sorry, not to toot my own horn but I am a freaking good cook. I know I am "just" following a recipe but so many people cant even do that.
Need to start planning out the bday party. Think about the kinda foods we wanna serve, that I'm gonna have to make. I wanna have a fire pit too. Maybe party games for people who wanna play. And booze, lots of booze. lol

Ok peeps.
Happy Friday!!

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