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Friday, June 28, 2013

Addicted to Coffee

Oh my gosh, I am so tired. My roommates dog was left out of his bedroom and he barked, whined and scratched every 30 mins all night long. Which was causing Chance to bark too. Finally about 20 mins before my alarm went off Jon was tired of it and got up and put the dog in Johnny's room.

Besides that Jon and I had a lovely evening. I love my little scuttlebutt. His mom recently gave him a box of old photos, I picked out my favs, one when he was about 2, and its now on my bedside table. I love looking at that adorable face. Its like looking into the future. Our babies will look like him. I just know it. We will have an adorable little boy just like his daddy. Strawberry blonde/red hair, big bright blue eyes, chubby little cheeks, fat lips and dimples. Awwww.

This weekend we will have the house to ourselves starting Friday night. Too bad I have a sleep study Saturday night. But I'll only be gone 7pm-7am. Maybe we can have breakfast and go to church?? Then go grocery shopping and be done for the day all before 12ish.

Okey dokey. Its Friday. I hope it goes by fast, but not busy. No issues and maybe I can get off early :)

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