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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I still need to find a replacement for my google reader since it wont be available after July 1. That's annoying. I have at least a hundred blogs on there. I'm sure there are some that don't update anymore but I wouldn't know how to clean that out.

I am getting excited about having Melodi this weekend. Shes my "niece." My cousin Kelli's daughter. Shes 6 and so much fun. I've been thinking of fun things to do w/ her while she's here. We will play games, and bake for sure. Maybe go swim at the pool. Who knows. I cant wait.

Jon mentioned that Johnny now wants to rent the room for 1-2 months for $400. The money sounds good. Having our privacy taken and a roommate doesn't. But if its really only for 2 months then its a small short term annoyance. IDK.

Welp that's all for now.

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