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Monday, June 3, 2013

Its Monday...yay...NO!

I need to get this entry done as fast as possible considering its Monday and we are always so busy Monday mornings I am usually rushed to finish.

Friday just before I got off patients starting calling saying they couldnt get to their appts coming from the west/southwest bc of traffic. So I checked transtar and holy crap...yeah. There was a fire, which was all over the national news bc 4 firefighters died, and that was causing a huge traffic problem all over that side. So I took a different way home and I am so glad I checked.

Saturday was a lazy day while Jon was at work. He did call to tell me Danny (his brother) was leaving Donna and going to go stay w/ mom. Made me so happy. So when he got home we went and put some gas in his truck. Then this happened.
Awww Brothers. As much as Jon protest he loves Danny and wants to see him do right. But I completely understand that. We cant help who we grow up with. But we will always have a soft spot for our siblings.

Sunday we went out to mom's to have lunch w/ her and Danny. Afterwards we went to Petco and I finally got Chance his replacement dragon (a toy he loved soooo much from his previous owners) a new collar and some small dog tennis balls. He cant play w/ the bigger ones, his mouth is too small. We got to spend some time w/ our new kitty Mr. Beau Jangles, the little guy who was abandoned by his momma when he was about a week old. Once he is completely off the bottle we will take him. He LOVED Jon.

But there was someone who had a big issue w/ Jon and Mr Beau Jangles.

LOL! Grizzly was all kinds of upset. He had been betrayed and was brokenhearted. But Jon fixed it before we left.

Once we got home I started doing some job searches. Not gonna rush it, just wanted to kinda take a look. I did apply for one job w/ Mercedes Benz. We'll see how that goes.

Alright I am done, it was already getting busy for a minute.

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