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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Chest be Painin'

Did ya miss me? Huh? Did ya?
Well I was home sick. I KNOW you cant mix ammonia and bleach. But I didn't know the product I was using had ammonia. I ended up feeling pretty bad and was having trouble breathing off and on. Even now I am having burning in my chest randomly. Boo. So yeah I called in.

Well, we have a roommate now. And another dog. I really hope this goes smooth and quick. Jon thinks everything will be fine and doesn't understand why I am so stressed about this. Umm...first of all there is another man in the house so now I cant be comfy in my pjs. I always have to be dressed. Its just gonna be like we have a guest all the time and that is stressful. 2 Months and I'm done.

I might be going to South Carolina tomorrow for a funeral. I really don't wanna be stuck in a car for 16-17 hours. But my mom is really wanting me and my brother to go...waaah.

Ok I better go for now.
Happy Friday.

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