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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Argh, Shooting Pains!

I play the Sims 3 pretty regularly. I have always enjoyed playing even back to the original Sims. One of my fav parts of playing is building a home. I either build a house I know, like my own, or families. Or I will actually go to a website that has actual blueprints for sale and find a floor plan I like. I spend lots of time completing the build, adding landscaping and then interior design. Its really my favorite thing. I have always enjoyed sketching out homes and interior design, should have gone to school for that really, but my sims fulfill that need. The reason for me explaining all this is because I want you to really understand just how much time and thought I put into a house, before I even start the game.
SO! Yesterday I find the perfect floor plan, and I design the heck out of it. I even stepped up my elevation skills (more advanced players homes have sunken garages, etc). I really was excited to start this Sim-ette off in such a nice home. As soon as I was finished and hit the button to switch from design mode to live play


I lost it all. AaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaaAaAaAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh. Wah. Boo. Pout. Lots and and lots of curse words via a text to Jon. I think once I rebuild it, bc I will, I am going do a screenshot so I can should y'all my hard work. Ugh...lame.

Man my carpal tunnel pain is starting to come back. I am having numbness again. And pains in my wrist. Whats weird is its in my left hand mostly, and thats the hand the doctors said I didnt even have CP?!? So explain that one to me, DOC!

Mkay. Happy hump day!

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