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Monday, June 17, 2013

Inconsiderate Houseguest

Monday again!
I do feel like this weekend was kinda long. Maybe bc I was having to hang out w/ Johnny and Carrie since Friday night. I dont know what we are going to do about them. Jonathan was just trying to help a friend out, giving him a place to crash for 1-2 months. He's not a roommate. We didnt go into this house w/ him. Its OUR house. And he doesnt act like that. He has been here 2 weeks and Carrie has been here too both weekends. She comes over Friday and leaves Monday morning. They drink all. day. long. By the end of the night last night they were wasted. They smoke cigarettes, and we dont let them smoke inside (of course!) and so they are constantly going in and out, literally every 20 mins. And since they drink sooooo much beer Carrie at least, is peeing every 30 mins. Its so annoying. I didnt even mention every single peeve. Those were just the most frequent, pressing issues.
On the other hand I feel bad, knowing that Jon is going to have to say something, bc I know Johnny will get defensive and when he tells Carrie she will too probably. And its not that we don't like them or enjoy their company. Its just their "lifestyle" is different then ours. We are quiet, relaxed people. Jon and I like our private time too much.
So yeah, we will see how this all comes out. I dont think I can handle another weekend like this. Last night was so bad bc they were so drunk. His pants where practically off at one point. Then he walked out in his underwear once. And lastly they were smoking in the house and thought we wouldnt notice. Thats what really pissed me and Jon off. Drunk, smoking in OUR nice guest bed w/ very expensive sheets...
I have to stop talking about it bc its starting to make me really mad again...
Jon, this needs to be address ASAP w/ Johnny. Sorry honey, I love you.
Have a good Monday y'all!!

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