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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to Work

Sorry for being gone. I took time off to be with family.

Hmm back to work. This will be a short week tho. Just today and tomorrow. That will be nice.
Well while I was off I got my first swim in for the summer. I went ahead and kept the bathing suit I bought that I was going to return. Its a little tight but they always end up stretching out too much anyway. I also bought some summer clothes. 2 tank tops and 2 shirts. Plus some sandals. And then I also bought Jonathan a new bottle of Curve to replace the one stolen by Donna.

The roommate thing is rocky. During the weekend he had his GF over and I didnt like that at all. It was just like I barely am ok with Johnny being there and then 2 days later he has his gf there for the whole weekend. Bc of my reaction Jon almost told Johnny that it wasnt working out. But I dont wanna lose out on the $$. Is this how Donna felt when I started coming around?

Well, I guess thats all. Kind of a lame post after being gone so long. Sorry ;)

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