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Monday, October 15, 2012


On Sunday J met a lot of my family.

Sunday morning we woke up and drove out to my church. The ride out there was about an hour. I swear J drove slower then normal. He stayed behind the slow cars. lol As we got a few miles away I looked over at him and he looked physically sick. He was so worried about meeting my fam. When we got to the church we were the first there, which was planned. He met Kelli and Melodi, gpa and gma, my mom and dad, Ronnie, Erin and Riley, Chaz and lastly Melissa and Michael. Everyone was nice to him and seemed excited to meet him, which made me happy.

Even tho he was nervous about going to my church and seeing so many people in my family, he did it bc he knew how important it was to me. Thats love right there. :)

So tonight is my last night at my place. I cant believe I am moving all the way to the Katy area. I never thought I would live on that side of town. But its the best and really only option. For 1 he's in a house and I was in a shoebox, 2 his job, he needs to be close.

He took Weds/Thurs off this week, so we will get all my daily stuff out this week. And then get the rest next week. Also this week is the meals w/ moms. Weds is lunch w/ his mom and then Thurs night is dinner w/ my mom.

I am so excited to get this week night over with!

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