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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So while the east coast is attacked by an aliarkzillacalypsecane I'm siting at work trying to find ways to entertain myself. Today is me and J's 2 month anniversary and he has something going on at the house...some sorta surprise. And its everything bit of the torture for me to sit at work wondering as he wanted it to be. Thanks babe. >.< Grrrr faces! I had so many things and ideas for his gift but have finally settled on ______________________________________. HA! Yeah right. I'm not tellin'! I know hes reads this. Psh.

2 whole months. Craziness. It feels like its been longer. Is thats normal? I bet it probably it. I am so so blessed. I was thinking today on my lunch break, after talking to him, man I never thought we'd be here now. Going all the way back. He viewed my okc profile but didnt message me, so I messaged him. Emailing a few times thru okc until I suggested we text. Asking him to send me a pic. Talking on the phone the night my stupid tire blew out. The dinner at Gringos. I was so freaking nervous. Oh man. I remember Krystal wanted to swim that day and I was like ok but I have to be home in time to get ready for my DATE!!! It was such a big deal to me to have someone date me. That was so nice. So different and refreshing. Thinking about him walking me to my car after dinner makes me smile. Now hes all mine. Awww...he makes me so happy. I love my little dumpling britches :) I am so excited to see where we go together. Happy Anniversary babe.

I am super excited that starting Monday I will be working w/ my little brother Ronnie. He has passed all the steps. Jumped thru all the hoops. And I made sure he was ready. He made it. I think he will do well here. Hes a hard worker and had grown up a lot. I am proud of him. And this "weekend" I am also excited bc my bff Krystal and I are hanging out weds and shes finally meeting Jonathan. Yay! I hope everything goes well and they get along. It will make my life easier.

Mkay guess thats all for tonight.

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