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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looky what I got...

A Smash book. I cant freaking wait to get it. Its supposed to be delivered on/by Weds. And I am having it delivered at J's house. Since thats where I'll be anyway. I've done scrapbooking in the past and loved it but it was soooooooo time consuming. Apparently these make it easier and its not so time sucking. We will see. It def had me sucked in and wanting to spend a bunch more for all 1,753 extras it comes w/.

In preparing for this book I got all my dates and info together for the J&R timeline. Everything from first date to last night when he slept over at my place for the first time. But I think I am gonna have to get some extras. Like the folders, tabs and tape. OMG. I am getting excited just thinking about it.

I really need to update my ipod. I haven't added songs to my itunes in forever. I ran outta gift cards since I didnt ask for any for this bday. But I have a bunch of songs on my youtube playlist that I need on there.

Krystals baby shower is gonna be coming up. I need to start talking to her mom and see if she wants my help. I wanted to be a hostess but apparently her mom wants to do it at the church or something, so I guess I wont be helping much. But I def wanna get some good presents. I wanna spoil this baby rotten!!

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