Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Want

  • to go home and...
  • take a nap/relax
  • to get the perfect schedule for me and J
  • to carve a pumpkin
  • already be done w/ moving everything (w/o actually doing it)
  • to magically be my goal weight (J too) and...
  • be able to maintain it w/o work lol
  • for my hair to be more grown out
  • to be able to have cute bangs like that chubby girl I posted to my tumblr
  • be able to spend some time w/ my bff before she has her baby
  • get off on a Sunday so I can go see Ryry
  • to be a jogger/runner
  • happily get pregnant when its the right time
  • for J and I to have our own place so...
  • I can decorate it w/ all the pinterest ideas
  • to stop biting my nails
  • a beta fish
  • a jellyfish
  • a fish tank
  • a new purse
  • new clothes
  • some new "toys"
  • a new car just bc
  • to be able to fix everyone who matters to me's problems (Ryland home, mom and dad, Kelli, etc)
  • my car to sync w/ my ipod so...
  • I can download some more/new music
  • dye my hair a non natural color, like purple or pink, just a chunky streak tho
  • get a halloween mani/pedi
  • decorate more for halloween
  • get Chancey a costume
  • J to happily wanna dress up for halloween w/ me
  • to go camping
  • sit around a bonfire
  • colder weather
  • to find my pea coat (I hope I have it)
  • a new phone
  • to play farmville on my work comp
  • to spend life w/ my J <3 :)
Ok thats all I want, lol, for now.


  1. to be a jogger/runner? I can help... sign up for a 5K and we can train, start slowly... just walk, run 1 min then walk 10 etc.. you can do it!


    1. Yeah? My aunt gave me a treadmill, I need to go get it so I can start somewhere.