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Friday, October 5, 2012

That Look

You know "that look." No not the fun one. The one you get when you are in trouble w/ your partner. Hehehe. Oops. Yeah I got that look today.

So as I said I spent my days off w/ J and Danny and Donna. Yesterday he took my car to get it inspected and my oil changed. Afterwards I asked him about my car and he said everything looked good, except my tires, which we knew. I ended up staying the night and today I was going to drive home and get changed for work. As I was pulling out of the driveway I realized I had a flat.

I call J and he comes from the shop, fills up my tire and I follow him back to the shop bc he felt a nail in it. We get there and the guys start working on it while J and I are inside. I look over at my car and I see hes working on the wrong tire. J calls him in and they argue about my tires and the guys like her tires no good. J goes out there for a few and comes back, talks to Jamal (his boss) and then calls for 4 new tires for my car.
I was like uh... J turns, and gives me this look...

I know this wont be the last time I see this look but I can tell you I dont want to see it too often. J is very protective and takes things like safety very seriously. Lemme repeat myself, safety is his priority. lol And I have become one of his priorities that need to be protected. So messing around w/ bad tires and putting myself in danger is not ok.
For the next hour or 2 I repeatedly hear a sigh and when I look over hes shaking his head and looks at me w/ "that look." Geez. Its like as bad as when your parents say they aren't mad, they're disappointed. Oh gosh I'm sorry. Please stop.

But I will say that the fact that #1 he cares and #2 he just took care of it makes me feel so...happy, loved, protected, special...Theres a few emotions. He has been just more then I could have ever asked for. I dont know how I got so lucky and of course he says the same thing, but I am serious, how in the world?!? Its one in a million to find the person that seems made for you.

I know we will have bad days. I am realistic. But God answered my prayers. I prayed for my next relationship. Didnt know where he would be, or how it would happen, but I knew He did. And I thank God for bringing us together. Really. We both are so blessed.

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