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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Playing House

I hate being sleepy at work. The constant nodding off is so annoying. 2 things I am looking forward to that should help w/ my sleep, #1 my schedule at work changing and #2 J and I moving in together. Right now we sacrifice sleep a lot of the times to be able to see each other, spend more time together. So sleepy sleepy.

So...yeah, we are moving in, or I should say I am moving in w/ him. I am nervous about telling my landlord tho. I am worried hes gonna be annoyed. Oh well. I need to hurry and tell him so he wont be expecting another month of rent. I dont wanna pay again. So J got us a new bed and went out today and got new sheet set too. He even asked me if I had a color preference and texted me pics before he bought anything. There was nothing to pick from really, so we settled on a brown. 1000 thread count. He also got me a house key made. Its seems everything is kinda just falling into place.

I called my mom to talk to her about our choice to move in and kinda get her blessing if you will, and she wants to meet J, so not this week but next we are having dinner at her place and we will also be having lunch w/ his mom. Meeting the mom's. Oh man. This is kinda a biggie for me. I didnt really have a good relationship w/ my ex MIL. I would really like for this one to be different. It would really make me happy. And this Sunday, depending on my schedule, he actually might end up meeting the whole family. Riley's baptism is gonna be at church, then my mom wants to have a tea? lol Yeah but we will see. I think I heard a girl saying she was going to be off already. Just gonna have to wait and see.

Meeting the families...Holy Crap!! I just want my family to like him. And to be happy for me. I mean I'm sure they will but I just want them to see the man I see. This amazing, loving, supportive man. Sigh...yeah.

So quickly back to the move. Its seems a little soon? After talking w/ some of my friends and family I decided that who cares about the time line. There is no such thing as the right time to do these kinda things. Its about what he and I want. Period. You can talk things out w/ the people that matter in your lifes but ultimately its your life. And he and I will be the ones to deal with the rewards (or consequences) for our decision.

You dont get many chances in life to be truly happy. Enjoy the moments you do get. And thats exactly what I have w/ J. Happiness. And I want to enjoy every single second from here till forever...

<3 R

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